Message of Greeting.

Dr. Sigmar Gabriel

Sigmar Gabriel

German Federal Minister for
Economic Affairs and Energy













Message of Greeting from the German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy

It is currently more than ever clear that Europe and the Arab world need to stand together as neighbours, friends and partners. Despite our cultural differences, we still share the desire for security, prosperity, justice and a positive outlook for ourselves and our children. We should further intensify the good relations and close cooperation that we have built up in the past in the political, economic and social arena. This Fair will help us along this road.

Good training offering young men and women the opportunity to play a part in social and economic development in our countries is one of the keys to achieving our common goals. This is true, also and in particular, in the context of the present crises and upheavals. I am therefore deeply grateful to the organisers of the KUBRI EuroArab Career and Education Fair that the gates to this important fair are now already being opened for the fifth time.

Through their daily work and offerings, the exhibitors from the Arab world, Europe and Germany are making a very tangible contribution to mutual understanding and the development of our economic, cultural and personal relations. And the German and European companies operating in the Arab region require well-trained employees, who are familiar with both cultures. They are not only very valuable pillars in their respective organisations, but also ambassadors of the other culture.

In this spirit, I wish all those taking part good and interesting talks and a successful fair.

Yours Sincerely,

Sigmar Gabriel
German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy

Dr. Ludwig Spaenle

Dr. Ludwig Spaenle
Bavarian State Minister of Education, Science and the Arts














Message of Greeting from the Bavarian State Minister of Education, Science and the Arts


2015 will be the fifth year that the KUBRI EuroArab Career and Education Fair has been held in Munich. This continuity is a sure sign of its success. The growing demand for the information and counselling offered at KUBRI underscores the undiminished interest in business and scientific relations between Europe and the Arab world especially among young people.

The Arab countries are a growth market for Bavaria. That is why many Bavarian companies are already actively engaged in this region and their number is rising from year to year – not only in the form of ´Global Players`, but also as SMEs. Arab entrepreneurs are also becoming increasingly involved in operations in Bavaria. In order to further develop such cooperation projects, we need excellently trained human resources on both sides. What is more, communications and cooperation always require reciprocal knowledge and understanding of each other. Given this background, the EuroArab Career and Education Fair is more important than ever before as a networking platform. It is not without good reason that the Fair will this year again be based at the Technische Universität München (TUM = Technical University of Munich), which attaches particular importance to networking with Arab partners, universities and scientific institutions as well as with the business community.

Academia and industry will be represented on a joint platform at KUBRI. The success of this fair format shows that the organisers are on the right track. I wish all the exhibitors brisk demand and the students, university graduates and scientists stimulating conversations and good contacts as a strong basis for a successful start to their professional careers.

Munich, December 2014

Dr. Ludwig Spaenle
Bavarian State Minister
of Education, Science and the Arts


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang A. Herrmann
President of
Technische Univeristät






















Message of Greeting from the President of Technische Universität München

As one of the leading universities in Europe, TU München (TUM - Technical University of Munich) combines top performance in research and teaching, an interdisciplinary focus and the promotion of talent. But strong alliances with companies and scientific organisations outside Germany are also needed to train cosmopolitans for a global innovation and knowledge-based society. TUM does this with its lead project TUM.Global: encompassing network building on a global scale as well as branch units in Brussels (Europe), Mumbai (India), Beijing (China), São Paulo (Latin America) and Cairo (Middle East and Africa).

An important point of contact for TUM’s cooperation programmes in the MENA region is the development of interdisciplinary approaches to current hot topics: energy, infrastructure, sources of raw materials and nutrition. TUM and its African partners address the upcoming challenges posed by limited resources with such DAAD [German Academic Exchange Programme] and BMBF [German Federal Ministry of Education and Research] projects as “Water, Energy and Food Security NeXus” or the sustainable afforestation of desserts.

The wide-ranging relations fostered by TUM in the Middle East bear the stamp of the “Special Academic Partnership Program” with the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). TUM is the only German university to conduct joint research on the “Virtual Arabia” projects, the 3D presentation of Saudi Arabia, as well as “High-Performance Visual Computing” – efficient data exploration and simulation control on super computers.

TU München is excellently networked and boasts a strong regional presence on the African continent through its “TUM.Cairo” liaison office in Egypt, in order to promote cooperation in research and industry, recruit outstanding talent and expand the Alumni Network in Egypt. TUM.Cairo is located in the German Science Centre (DWZ) and provides the TUM projects with local support, whether it be the first Egyptian project on the ISS International Space Station, namely the “Egypt Against Hepatitis C Virus” programme of two TUM scientists, or research into Gene-Environment Interaction in the Nile Delta in collaboration with 16 Egyptian universities. So TUM is steadily expanding its cooperations in the Arab region.

With this in mind, it is also essential to keep track of demand in the globalised employment market. KUBRI offers students, graduates and young professionals a bridge between the Arab and the European world. Take advantage of this platform for building networks between academia, industry and young talent! In this spirit, I cordially welcome you to the fifth KUBRI 2015 at TU München.

Munich, January 2015

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Wolfgang A. Herrmann
Technische Universität München

Dr. Otto Wiesheu

Dr. Otto Wiesheu President of





















Message of Greeting from the President of DAFG e.V.

The KUBRI Career and Education Fair is now in its fifth year and has established itself as a fixed institution in German-Arab relations. In this form, it is unmatched in Germany and offers a multitude of opportunities. DAFG – Deutsch-Arabische Freundschaftsgesellschaft e.V. (German-Arab Friendship Association) – has been supporting this forward-pointing initiative ever since the first fair in 2011.

The EuroArab Career and Education Fair KUBRI – which in English means bridge – connects Germany with the Arab world, while simultaneously bringing together the topics of business, science & education, politics and culture. It is this style of comprehensive cooperation between Germany and the Arab world that is of particular interest to DAFG – the German-Arab Friendship Association and we encourage this approach with our wide range of activities. DAFG e.V. wishes to develop understanding, trust and cooperation between Germany and the Arab States on a friendly basis and sees itself as a platform for German-Arab exchange.

The Career and Education Fair KUBRI also promotes this exchange in a sustained manner. For this reason, DAFG e.V. will of course be represented at KUBRI again in 2015.This is where internationally operating companies meet highly motivated young talent, experts meet students and educational institutions offering exciting perspectives meet potential applicants. For the visitors to the Fair, who are interested in a career in the MENA Region, KUBRI offers a unique chance to make contact with industry, academia, non-governmental organisations and public institutions from Germany and the Arab world, to find out about career opportunities and to build sustainable networks. Companies and organisations operating in the region will benefit from the opportunity to meet young experts. What is more, a varied supporting programme is planned covering a wide range of topics for visitors.

I am sure that with this comprehensive approach KUBRI will make a major contribution towards intensifying German-Arab relations. On behalf of DAFG – the German-Arab Friendship Association – I would like to sincerely thank the organisers of KUBRI for their consistent commitment and dedication.

I wish all the exhibitors and visitors a stimulating KUBRI 2015 with interesting new contacts, conversations and events.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Otto Wiesheu
DAFG e.V. - German-Arab Friendship Association