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Rödl & Partner


Rödl & Partner

Industry: Consulting & Audit

Services: Audit, Consulting, Tax, Legal and Business Consulting

Corporate Language: German

Number of Employees: Germany: 1.550, International: 1.650

Locations: Germany: 24, International: 65
Germany: Nuremberg, Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg
International: Paris, Milan, Madrid, Birmingham, Warsaw, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Dubai, Shanghai, Singapore, Johannesburg, Sao Paolo, Mexico City, Atlanta, New York

Recruiting Profile

Wanted Branches of Study

Business Administration, Economics, Law

Additional Qualifications

Employment Opportunities
- Internship
- Direct Employment

Operational Areas
Audit, Consulting, Tax, Legal and Business Consulting

Contact Information for Applicants

Contact Person:
Dr. Michael Rödl

Mail Address: Äußere Sulzbacher Straße 100, 90491 Nuremberg, Germany

Telephone: +49 (0) 991 9193 - 2874

E-mail: personal(at)roedl.de

Website: www.roedl.de/karriere