Exhibitor Profile.

ThyssenKrupp AG



Industry: Technology Group

Products: Steel, Capital Goods, Industrial Plants, Industrial Goods, Automotives, Elevator Systems, Shipbuilding, Trade

Corporate Language: German, English

Number of Employees: Germany: 57.000
International: 160.000

Locations: Germany: 200
International: 800

Recruiting Profile

Wanted Branches of Study

- Chemical Engineering / Process Engineering
- Metallurgy
- Electrical Engineering
- Automotive Engineering
- Mechanical Engeering
- Materials Science
- Industrial Engineering
- Economics

Additional Qualifications
Basically, we value above average grades, relevant practical experience (e.g. training or internships), experience abroad, knowledge of foreign languages, computer literacy, strong interest in exciting tasks and challenges.

Employment Opportunities
- Internship
- Bachelor / Master Thesis
- Trainee Programme
- Direct Employment

Contact Information for Applicants

Contact Person:
Mr. Monir Beji, Recruiting Expert International

Mail Address: ThyssenKrupp Allee 1, 45143 Essen, Germany

Telephone: +49 201 828 4556

E-mail: monir.beji(at)thyssenkrupp.com

Website: www.thyssenkrupp-industrial-solutions.com