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TAG e.V. - Tunisian Academics Association





The Tunisian Academics Association, founded in 1999, was set up by Tunisian students and graduates from the Technical University of Munich. It is an independent, apolitical and non-denominational association.
Our members are students, graduate students, engineers and professionals whose training took place in the best universities in Germany and are active in all sectors of the economy, whether in Tunisia, Germany and Europe.

Our Members
Within the TAG e.V. more than 130 students, engineers and managers in Germany are active. Thanks to their intercultural orientation, our members are easily integrated into German and Tunisian companies and contribute actively to their success. They are often ideal candidates for international career paths. Furthermore the TAG has a highly developed network and enjoys a far-reaching reputation with the Tunisian academics throughout Germany.

Our Goals
•    Support students during their studies and in everyday affairs.
•    Relationship Building between Tunisian academics in Germany to thereby expand their experience and exposure.
•    Integration of the Tunisian students and professionals in the German society.
•    Create bounds between companies and Tunisian academics within the German-Tunisian economic space.

Contact Information

Contact Person:
Mr. Ahmed K. Hafsi, Executive Vice President

Mail Address: TAG e.V. - Tunesische Akademiker Gesellschaft, P.O. Box 34 03 26, 80100 Munich, Germany

Telephone: +49 (0) 152 576 70 910

Fax: +49 611 442 464

E-mail: vorstand(at)tag-germany.org

Website: www.tag-germany.org