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The Middle East Forum Krems (Kremser Nahost Forum / KNF) sees itself as an independent platform promoting dialogue with the MENA countries across party lines.

The KNF addresses the culture, politics and economy of the Middle East as well as Europe’s dialogue with the Arab world. It has set itself the goal of establishing itself as a centre of competence for this region in Krems, Austria and Europe.

The principal aim of the Middle East Forum Krems is to focus increased attention on the Middle East region and hence to generate a sensitivity for the countries in this region as well as for their distinctive features in the context of politics, society, industry and culture. This goal is to be achieved by organising suitable events covering the region by way of dialogue and information.

As the Middle East carries great economic, cultural and political potential, which is currently only exploited to an inadequate extent, we intend to use the Middle East Forum Krems as a medium for consciously pointing the way towards even more societal and media focus on the countries and markets in this highly interesting region in the future.

Moreover, the Middle East Forum Krems acts as a platform for exchange among the regions, with a view to exploiting similarities, identifying differences and reducing prejudices through greater interaction and collaboration between the European and the Middle East regions.

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Contact Person:
Mr. Vincent Kramer

Mail Address: Middle East Forum Krems - Representative Office Landshut, Regierungsplatz 539, 84028 Landshut, Germany

Telephone: +49 (0) 871 47 73 02 36

E-mail: info(at)nahost-forum.eu

Website: www.nahost-forum.eu